Monday, February 16, 2009

Gay movies, the Oscars, and ... who's on top?!

Flotsam and jetsam today ... the Mel-o-Sphere is a flat calm, which means a lot of work gets done but not much interesting crosses my desk!

One interesting item I've been looking at is the question of whether Milk can hope to get anywhere near the Oscar it richly deserves. It's not for me to say, of course ... I'm not a member of the AFI, and I'm in the wrong country to boot! But this is well worth a read:

Hollywood slowly opening door to gay drama:

It would have been very nice indeed if Brokeback Mountain had won the Oscar ... but we all asked, at the time, if Hollywood was ready. And the fact is, it wasn't.

Not that Hollywood hasn't been pushed and shoved by the GLBTI community to get real, get a grip on the world at large and drop some of the prejudice: The Maltese Falcon dates from 1941! You might like to read this:

Hollywood's gay forays:,0,1244145.story#

There have been loads of gay movies. But how many of them have been great movies, as well as being gay? How many have been of the quality to get into the running for an Oscar?

From the perspective of a writer, I can tell you that the honor of even getting into the running is pretty darned high. Brokeback Mountain and Milk are a couple of ground breakers -- even if Milk gets beaten as Brokeback did. Hey, there's always next year ... and the inspiration for indie film makers to just keep on getting better, making better movies.

One day, one of these -- a gay indie -- will come out, uh, on top. And Keegan will be the first one to stand up and applaud!


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